We are experienced investors and advisors helping Incubate and close Acquisitions. We work closely with private equity funds and individual investors to understand their investment strategies, sourcing investment opportunities and helping make independent investment decisions.

Buy-side Due Diligence

Due diligence is not an audit. It is the process of helping investors make the optimum investment decision and giving them the tools to negotiate a better position. It requires specialist skills. It should be performed by those with investment experience and strong business acumen.

Our experience with Due Diligence began with Big 4 accounting firms, however, it was significantly improved after working within Private Equity funds, making investment decisions, and after being involved in the operations of businesses. That is the unique experience we bring to every transaction.

Our primary focus in any due diligence is to understand the transaction and the goals of the investor. Our scope of work is always tailored to the needs of the investor. We offer different levels of service for due diligence, including:

  1. High level review: Ideal for initial investment considerations. To determine whether any deal breakers exist prior to investing time on potential transaction.
  2. Financial review: Detailed review of the historical and projected financial information. Ideal when investors are familiar with the target’s sector and have a strong understanding and familiarity with the business.
  3. Financial, operational and commercial review: Full scope due diligence involving the review of the entire business and operations. Recommended approach for most acquisitions.

Our Approach

We are not afraid to take positions and give our professional opinion. We ensure senior partner direct involvement in every review to give investors the necessary support to help negotiate better pricing at better terms, to help you ring-fence potential issues and encourage walking away from an unfavourable deals.

Our buy-side due diligence process involves:

  1. Understanding the potential transaction and your desired outcomes from our work
  2. Agreeing a tailored scope of work that reflects investor needs
  3. Meeting with the management of the target to plan the execution of the Due Diligence
  4. Sharing a detailed list of information required
  5. Executing the work, keeping the investor informed at all times regarding the progress and any potential deal issues
  6. Reflect our findings in a visual report with tables and charts, focused on things that matter to you
  7. Summarizing Deal Issues with our Observations, Implications and Recommendations
  8. The report will have a Deal Issues section which identifies issues as Deal Breakers, Quality of Earnings Adjustments, Quality of Assets adjustments and Post Deal Considerations

Post investment, our Growth services can assist investors implement changes to get the most out of the investment.

Investment Opportunities

We source opportunities for investors that fit their investment strategy. We help analyze the potential investment, assist in managing the transaction and help negotiate better terms to achieve financial close.

To better service our investors, we take time to understand their needs, their strategies, risk profiles and sector and other preferences.

If you are an investor, please contact us to arrange meeting so that we can better understand your requirements.