Interim Management brings with it several advantages over entrenched management.

The first and foremost advantage begins with the first word: interim. They are by definition temporary. And as such, they can be objective. Interim managers are not bound to the company like permanent management. There is also another aspect related to the interim status. This type of management has an expiry date. Interim managers have only a short time to get their jobs done. They must be efficient and time conscious. In and out with no time wasted becoming acclimatized or dealing with interpersonal situations.

The effectiveness of Interim Management is higher than other forms of management based on their proximity to ownership. Being brought in to enact change means they have carte blanche to affect the change they see fit. The very idea of interim management is not as a place holder until something better comes along. Change is the order of the day, and quickly. And interim managers are committed to the position, because their next position depends on it.

Are you looking for change in your business? Is your business in need of an objective viewpoint? Consider Interim Management as a vehicle to find what your business desires.